Friday, November 27, 2009

Inter- Class Quiz Competition 2009

The carolian Elocution and Literary association conducted Inter Class Quiz Competition on 26th November 2009. It was conducted in creative way with the use of latest technology. Bro.John Brito was the Quiz master along with four other companions. There was lot of involvement for the side of the audience. The quiz began at 8.40 pm.
The questions for the quiz were taken from the following disciplines:
1. Philosophy:
2. Politics:
3. Second Vatican council documents:
‘Decree on the ministry and life of priests’
(Presbyter rum Ordains)
4. Sports & Games:
5. Film world:
6. General Round:
(Recent occurrence),
(The best, largest, and greatest of things, places), etc.
7. Extempore:
8. Rapid Round:
(St. John Mary Vianney’s life, etc.)

Each class did their best. It was really a tough competition. At the end of the competition the 3rd year philosophers won the first with 120 points, followed by 2nd and 1st year philosophers with 95 points each. At the end Fr.Rector congratulated the winners and the organizers for their excellent performance.